Sluggers Hit 2g Pre Roll Single Wholesale



Sluggers For Sale

Sluggers triple infused prerolls are the next big thing

Each pack includes 5 triple infused joints rolled with hash, diamonds , and kief. Rolled with premium bud.

The joints come in a holographic metal tin and include its own collectible card based on the strain.

Each one has its own collectible card.

Hit sluggers joints or blunt that consistently hits for his power quality and consistency

Also,  hit blunt single source juiced, triple-infused rolled with premium flower Also sluggers pre roll price.

SLUGGERS HIT was (clearly) inspired by America’s Pastime  growing up, Little League is a passage of right.

Thru sport, we forge our friendships, shape our future & learn how to take one on the chin

Every flavor tells a story from our youth. When you hold a pack for the first time, you may remember where you’re from, who you first smoked with or the first time you went to a baseball game.

Wherever the journey transports you to, we hope it feels like HOME

Welcome to America’s New Pastime  sluggers pre roll 5 pack

Your favorite 2G blunt is back with more flavors to choose from. New classics include Fidel’s Especial, Gas House Pluto, Adios MF, Coconut Horchata, NY Diesel, Fire OG and Lemon Cherry Gelato. New Year New Flavors to get those big clouds


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